Get your dance on with Valencia’s ‘UFit’ Zumba classes

The words “exercise” and “fun” are usually never used in the same sentence, until now.

Most students are either too busy with classes and work to go to the gym or they just dread working out altogether. Most associate working out with pain, fatigue, and misery. But don’t fret Valencia students, now there is a fun and exciting new way to shed that lingering “freshman 15.”

Valencia’s East Campus is now offering a UFit Zumba class this November, and it’s going to be full of fun, sweat, and hip shaking. These new classes will be held in the Valencia East Campus gym, in Building 6, every Tuesday in November through Nov. 15. The classes are free with a Valencia student or faculty/staff ID, and they will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

UFit Supervisor, Brandon Rodriguez, provided some insight for those who are interested in UFit Zumba classes.

“Zumba is great for students. It is a fun and energetic opportunity to get the body moving,” Rodriguez said. “Many people like to dance, and Zumba is a platform where you can put your moves to work as well as learn, all while exercising. Our instructor, Paola Botero, is absolutely fantastic. She is so full of energy and excitement, and it spreads to the students who participate so that everyone has a great time, and this is important.”

Rodriguez concluded, “Sure, you can go to a class or to the gym and exercise, but having fun while doing so is what really makes it easy to come back. These classes allow students to have a fun atmosphere to look forward to and come back to while also getting fit.”

After speaking with a few students on campus about how they would feel taking these UFit Zumba classes, responses were all positive.

Lindsey Free, a 19-year- old, East Campus Valencia student said— “I have never tried a Zumba class before because I am horrible at dancing or any other type of aerobic movements in general. It’s embarrassing,” Free said. “But, these classes actually seem fun, and let’s face it, Zumba sounds much more enticing than dragging myself to the gym.”

East Campus Valencia students, if you are looking for a way to exercise and have fun in a more relaxed setting, these UFit Zumba classes are definitely for you. All students and faculty/staff are encouraged to come out and participate in these active, but fun, Zumba classes.