East Campus VESA Hosts March 9 Talk on Energy and Sustainability

Jeremy Gottschalk, Reporter

March 9 Energy and Sustainability Presentation will be hosted by the Valencia Earth Sciences Club. (Prof. Jim Adamski)

East Campus’ Valencia Earth Studies Association will host a presentation on Energy and Sustainability at East Campus’ Bldg 8 Room 220 Geology Lab on March 9 at 1 p.m.

The presentation will include career opportunities in the environmental field and a discussion about sustainability and energy. Two presenters include

VESA Faculty Advisor and Professor of Geology Jim Adamski expressed his hopes are for students looking to learn about the climate crisis with a level of optimism.

“These are solutions, I hope they see that the environmental field has viable and exciting career opportunities.” Adamski says that there are alternative energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal.

One technology he is optimistic about is solid-state batteries, which companies such as General Motors and Toyota hope to master. This technology will greatly reduce charge time of EVs (electronic vehicles) from hours to minutes and increase range.

Prof. Adamski poses with a T. Rex at a 2018 Geological Society of America annual meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Prof. Jim Adamski)

Professor Jim Adamski has been with VESA since 2011 and has taken club members to state and national parks, hosted keynote speakers, and sponsored Earth Day events.

Earth Day events will occur around April 13. Check Engage or Atlas for more scheduled event times.


A juvenile alligator rests in the fauna of a Florida springs system. (VESA Engage)