Valencia College working towards environmentally friendly campus


Valencia College has several charging stations for electric cars, part of their sustainability efforts.

For almost fifty years, we have known that humankind is the direct cause of our polluted atmosphere, acidifying oceans, and rising sea levels. Yet, practically nothing has been done to slow our dependency on fossil fuels.

Recently, Valencia College has been adopting even more environmental friendly behaviors through charging stations, new recycling dumpsters and more energy efficient buildings.

On Valencia’s west campus, a club chapter of Intellectual Decisions on Environmental Awareness Solutions for Valencia (IDEAS for Valencia), has been interacting and motivating students to become more involved on and off campus. The club has conducted several movie nights, tabling events, and discussion sessions to spread awareness and find viable solutions for this global environmental crisis.

IDEAS for Valencia is connected with other chapters at UCF, Rollins College and Seminole State College; and most recently, an IDEAS for Valencia East was founded this semester.

Together the chapters work collectively at the UCF Arboretum, a place where they grow a variety of foods, and also in various green projects throughout the city of Orlando. Different organizations also participate with this initiative, such as NEXTGEN, Organize Now, and Fleet Market. Each is commuted to IDEAS vision and the promotion of sustainability for food, water, waste, energy, and ecology.

Students, faculty, and staff continue to be powerful tools of transformation across Valencia’s campuses by creating healthier places for all. When people work together, everyone benefits together.

“The effects of climate change and sea level rise will shape this century’s economy and environment,” Director of Sustainability for Valencia College Resham Shirsat said. “Although we are facing uncertain times, these changes also create opportunities to embrace existing knowledge, technologies, and strategies that can enhance our quality of life. Each of us have the capability and responsibility of bringing about the needed changes in our daily lives whether it be at work, home, or school.”

Valencia College is an innovative leader by providing more top of the line resources to ensure a healthier environment on its campuses. The power is in each one of us. Do not procrastinate. Let’s transform our college campuses into the best places for all. Contribute, get informed, and learn how to become a more proactive citizen by contacting IDEAS for Valencia or the Sustainability Department.

IDEAS for Valencia contact: [email protected]

Resham Shirsat, Director of Sustainability for Valencia: [email protected]