A Wish to Allow Valencia Students Face-to-Face Learning


Denise Diaz

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it” -Helen Keller

Denise Diaz, Reporter

Valencia College has released plans for the spring semester and to the disappointment of many students, there will be more Real Time Virtual (RTV) learning in place of face-to-face courses.

It is no secret that COVID-19 continues to impact the education of college students, but how do students feel about it? I am among the disappointed. Face-to-face interaction has always been a preferred method of learning for me. I know many students can agree, it’s more challenging to self-teach.

In my time at Valencia I have spent an equal amount of time learning on campus and online. The option of online classes did allow me to work on a more flexible schedule, if needed. However, I have seen tremendous personal growth from on campus learning. Having access to professors outside of an email, makes learning more effective. Questions are answered and addressed in a timelier manner. Not that it’s the Professors fault for any delayed email responses — the pandemic has been a burden on all of us.

It doesn’t make sense to keep college students off campus. Even if there is a pandemic and numbers are rising — especially as we enter the winter months — elementary, middle, and high school students have been allowed on campus, but not college students. Children are assuming the responsibility of proper safety etiquette that adult college students are being denied. Like parents of these children, college students should have the option to complete courses face-to-face.

Most businesses have reopened and are required to follow CDC guidelines to take preventative measures. Some students have returned to work and as employees are expected to respect the guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone. As students, they don’t have that opportunity.

The concern Valencia College has shown for its staff and students is very much appreciated. Aid has been sent to those who qualified for the CARES Act. As a Valencia student in my second year, I’d like the option of face-to-face to overcome additional challenges money can’t necessarily fix. However, for the safety of my fellow students and my professors, Real Time Virtual learning and continued online courses will have to suffice.