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Reporter Notebook: An Electrifying Experience at EDC 2023

Hear How One Student Reporter Made the Most of Electric Daisy Carnival 2023

It is that time of year again. Bright-colored LED lights, extraordinarily-costumed dancers, and endless electronic music. Electronic Daisy Carnival, or EDC, happens each year at City of Orlando’s Tinker Field.

Thousands of people attend the threeday weekend event, this year from November 10 through 12

Group photo taken November 12 in Electric Daisy Carnival at Tinker Field. (Victoria Garcia-Morales)

Experiencing The First Day

This music festival is not like any other festival. The first day of EDC rave-goers are pumped up and excited of what is to come; there are people at water stations filling up their hydrobackpacks, those who are taking photos with the extravagant decorations, and the music enthusiasts who are dancing their way to the front of their favorite set so they can jam out listening to talented DJs with their friends.

People can be seen wearing unique colorful costumes, DIY custom outfits, while wearing Kandi bracelets so that they can P.L.U.R.. P.L.U.R. is something that happens when two ravegoers interact with each other by trading Kandi bracelets. The acronym is Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.  The act gives rave culture an ambience of friendship and unity while expressing their joy at being at EDC and music festivals.

At EDC, there are many booths where pashminas scarves, fans, sunglasses, and other merchandise can be purchased for the attendees. Vendors that sell delicious Asian noodles, acai bowls, burgers, refreshing lemonades, and alcohol sponsor BeatBox sold beverages for those 21 and up.

Individuals have a positive mindset and are easy-going when interacting with other people. Everyone wants to have an enjoyable time listening to electronic music while meeting new people. People make sure they understand the map of the music festival, so they can figure out where the music stages and all the amenities are.

The Stage Is Set

At this year’s EDC, there were four stages; Stereo Bloom, Neon Garden, Circuit Grounds, and lastly, the biggest stage of the music festival Kinetic Field. Each stage provides different electronic music variations that can be enjoyed by anyone. Stereo Bloom is a stage that offers dance music from house to bass and trance where people can get groovy and feel great in their surroundings. Neon Garden is the stage where trance and house music take root, the stages’ lights are warm-colored tones including the laser beams that shoot out from the stage; the presentation of this stage is great for photoops. Circuit Grounds is a stage for bass heads that are into dubstep and bass music, allowing them to headbang and rage out with their friends ,or people that are on the same vibe. The biggest stage, Kinetic Field, is where ravers see top-of-the-line DJs that have great sets, lighting, and dancers in fun costumes interacting with the crowd.

DJ Deadmau5 performing at the EDC main stage Kinetic Field. (Victoria Garcia-Morales)

Overall Impressions

From my own personal experience of the first night at EDC, I went to both Kinetic Field and Circuit Grounds to see my favorite DJs perform at the main stage. DeadMau5 performed, while Circuit Grounds had Kayzo and Subtronics. This allowed me to get groovy at the beginning of the night and headbang closer to the finish of the first night.

On the second day of Orlando’s music festival people are seen going through the event with ease, and moving a bit faster since there would be wellknown DJs on the stages, and they wanted to have a good view at each set. The second day of EDC, I kicked it off by purchasing Asian noodles, and a BeatBox (adult) beverage then went on one of the rides at the festival, the YoYo swing ride. After the ride, advancing towards the main stage to see DJs Deorro, James Hype, and Mura Masa was necessary. I saw my friends and had an amazing time jamming out to my favorite electronic music songs. Later throughout the night, my friend group and I were refilling water hydro packs, and getting bathroom breaks to continue the night with endless music, bright lights, and positive vibes at the sets we were looking forward to.

Saturday night ended listening to Zedd’s house music set at Kinetic Field with friends and great people in my surroundings. The final day at EDC Orlando began with meeting up my friends at a “meet up” spot, to fill up our hydropacks for staying hydrated, bathroom breaks, and drinks before taking photoop pics and listening to our favorite sets. Seeing Fisher and Alison Wonderland on the last day was a wonderful way to finish off the weekend. Fisher’s set was tech house, located at the Kinetic Field stage that offered the crowd a chance to sing along with some of his common songs while dancing to the beat. Alison Wonderland’s set was located at the Circuit Grounds set playing future bass electronic music, that allowed ravers to dance to familiar songs, and show off their moves with the crowd.

This year’s EDC experience was like no other; being able to see top of the charts DJs, buy cool merchandise at the booths, eat tasty food, and have an enjoyable time with my friends was a blast. The Electronic Daisy Carnival welcomes anyone who wants to have a fun and exciting experience with endless music and positive vibes. From ravers who have experienced other raves before, or the ones who are new to the rave culture; there will be nothing but love and happiness at EDC’s Orlando music festival, wishing everyone a fun and new experience.

Victoria Garcia-Morales
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  • D

    David MoralesDec 5, 2023 at 7:01 pm

    Sounds like tons of fun. Hopefully I can attend such an event in my lifetime. Thanks for your awesome insights and wonderful, informative article. Looking forward to your next report.

  • E

    ElisettDec 5, 2023 at 1:09 pm

    Love the article.

  • V

    Veronica M UrbinaDec 4, 2023 at 11:54 am

    How fun, back in my time we didn’t have music festivals just concerts. I’m glad this generation have these events especially with a purpose , P.L.U.R, we all need this at this time and any other time, interesting on exchange in bracelets , I never knew that great to have tho.
    Great article!

  • M

    MattDec 4, 2023 at 12:11 am

    Circuit stage was amazing all three days, Excision, Subtronics, and Alison Wonderland were my favorites

  • R

    Raquel QuinnDec 3, 2023 at 11:11 pm

    Loved this article!!! #plur!!! 🙂

  • C

    CeoniDec 3, 2023 at 9:48 pm

    Great Article!