Eat with Knowledge and Peace

By Katie Gilfillan

During Global Peace week at Valencia, students and faculty were able to attend different presentations about how individuals can make changes to everyday conflicts that comes their way.

Resham Shirsat, Director of Education for Sustainability at Valencia, presented Peaceful Eats, a presentation about how consumers can improve their food and water products to make them more environmentally friendly and healthy.

“We have to prioritize and really think of where the importance of food is to you and your personal health is,” said Shirsat. “That would be the first step if you are willing to give up some unnecessary things to make better food choices.”

In America alone, we waste forty percent of the food we produce. The rate of production over the years has been too fast and too efficient. This has resulted in pollution, poor health, starvation, poverty and extinction. However, we as individuals can change the negative habits of production and make sure the problems we face today become the solutions that better future generations.

“There is a lot of positive things you can do, building, changing and talking to others,” said Shirsat. “As long as your handprint out weighs your footprints, I think we’re in a good place, so let’s just keep moving towards better.”