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Community Group Celebrates Cat Care Five-Year Milestone With November 10 Event

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando Reaches Fifteen Thousand Milestone For Cat Aid

According to American Veterinary Medical Association, 42 percent of dog owners and 43 percent of cat owners got their pets from a store while 38 percent of dog owners and 40 percent of cat owners got their pets from an animal shelter or rescue.

With lower adoption numbers for shelter animals which end up in the streets due to abandonment, animals become malnourished, acquire diseases and eventually procreate. Their offspring are also free-range, lacking resources such as medical treatments and surgical spay and neuter procedures, resulting in their reproduction leading to more animals in the streets.


A worker carries to trap cages from one of the organization’s vans. (Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando)

 American Pet Products Association reports  65.1 million American households own a dog and 46.5 million households own a cat. This large number is due to pets being emotionally supportive, physical activities partners, great company and overall part of American families. The average household spent $458 in Cat surgical visits and $201 on surgical visits for dogs. Surgical visits play a major role in four legged friends’ health and are a necessity; neutering procedures and annual visits are not just recommended but advised by veterinary professionals.

In a study released by the American Society for the Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals , approximately 6.3 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.1 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats. Due to allergies, poor planning and lack of structure, many animals enter shelters and are abandoned in deplorable conditions. What most people don’t come to realize is that after their abandonment, animal shelters are responsible for millions of lives that require extensive care and attention that are often not affordable.


Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

To help and support millions of cats and dogs, Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando was created. Pet Alliance serves as a multi-purpose organization, promoting the welfare of unsheltered animals through adoption, fostering and surgical procedures that aid in cat and dog population control and life expectancy rate.

Founded in 1937 as the Orlando Humane Society and merging with Seminole County Humane Society,  Pet Allaicne spread its way into Orange, Osceola, Seminole Counties.  With initiatives such as “Paws in the Park 2024” hosted in February 2024, the organization has the goal to raise money for medical supplies and financial billings. 

“We speak, we heal, we care.”

The phrase is not just a slogan. Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando has done so much for our four-legged friends. The forecast of one cat is up to twelve kittens and for dogs a maximum of twelve puppies. Stray pets who reproduce end up amplifying the population of unattended cats and dogs. The medical procedures done by Alafaya Clinic critically reduce the chances of the displaced animals to grow, and the existing ones are well taken care of.

According to a Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando November Press Release, “Since November of 2018, Pet Alliance’s Community Cat Initiative has helped more than 15,000 cats through a targeted Trap, Spay/Neuter, Vaccinate and Return (TNVR) program”. To maintain the felines’ well-being, they offer multiple services to guarantee not just cats’, but also dogs’, quality of life.  To celebrate this occasion, cake and balloons illuminated this remarkable achievement on November 10.

Volunteers such as Cristina Pillane aid in cat trapping, stated, “Pet Alliance is celebrating five years with the TNVR Programs and 15,000 surgeries, all of this was possible with partnerships such as the one with the City of Winter Garden.” With media partners such as Valencia Voice, Channel 9 WFTV, United Parcel Service and McDonald’s, their main goal is help and bring attention to the unsheltered, malnourished and unhealthy pets out there. 

Social interactions are crucial for non-profits. Partnerships such as Franklin’s Friends awarded Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando with a $25,000 grant. Social involvement is heavily present around Orange County with the presence of many events such as “Pawdcast”- a pet-oriented podcast – at this year’s November 10 milestone event. PetSmart Charities facilitate the adoption of pets, hosting off-site events such as the “National Adoption Week”. Awarded $25,000 by Franklin’s Friends. In 2018, the Alafaya Clinic was opened. The clinic is a partnership with the Orange County Animal Services facilitating vaccination, surgeries and yearly check-ups for our four-legged friends.


Balloons and cake were present at the November 11 Media Event, proudly celebrating the neutering of fifteen thousand pets.
(Beatriz Trujillo)

How to Help

Donations are a great way to support the Pet Alliance TNVR program, being able to prevent next generations of unsheltered cats while helping existing ones. Donations can be online, they can range from $20-$500; only a card and limited information is required. Donations can be done quickly and immediately help many pets.

Also being able to donate in-person, contributions can come in all shapes, from bringing materials and items such as kit meal replacement, towels, wet kitten food and pet supplies in general , stated on their dynamic website list. Items can be brought to the Sanford or Downtown location.

A cat sits under a trailer. Pet Alliance for Greater Orlando has multiple ways to get involved in helping animals. (Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando)

Volunteering is a flexible and enjoyable option. To become a volunteer, six hours a month are required in a six-month commitment as well as mandatory volunteering training. A one-time fee of $25 is required for a t-shirt and name tag. The positions available are: Cat Condo, Bark Buddy, Kitty Cuddler, Foster and Community Cats Supporter.

Although adoption is only one of the types of sheltering, there are short term and fostering options as well. It is the best and long-lasting type for our feline and dog friends, recommends to Stephen Bardy, Pet Alliance Executive Director, whom has experience with more than twenty years in non-profit organizations. Bardy explains, “Talk to our staff at the shelters; their experience and feedback can help you. Be mindful to  accommodate yours and your pet needs.” 

Non-refundable fees are applied. A one-time fee of $50-$100 applies to cats, and a $75-$350 fee applies for dogs. Regarding cost, the money includes a neutering-spay surgery, parasite treatment, permanent microchip identification as well as dog heart worm and flea test. If a desired pet is wanted, they can be placed on hold, for $40. This fee does not include the adoption fee, but it guarantees that the desired animal won’t be adopted until the next business day.

When asked about the future of Pet Alliance, Brady sees upcoming years to be bright and goal oriented.

“In five years, we will be in our new facility that we are building on John Young Parkway. The community will see fewer and fewer homeless cats.” He adds that, “In 10 years, we will completely encapsulate that and maintain procreating spots for cats, better understanding of animal welfare, instead of surrendering they keep their pet.”


Rescue cat lowered in high grass. Pet Alliance partnerships drive the organization and celebrates five years of TVNR. (Image Courtesy: Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando)
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