Bird Box Review

Branden Garner

The Netflix Original film Bird Box has become the internet’s newest source of chatter and memes, thus being a little overrated.

The film tells a non-linear, post-apocalyptic, story of a woman and her two children that must travel down a river via a boat while blindfolded while simultaneously telling how the main protagonist Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock, got to where she is in the present timeline.

Bird Box stumbles when it comes to balancing out the two stories that it must tell – trying to be creative but just ending up being predictable. It has a great cast who bring their characters to life –  and are interesting to watch and work well together on screen. The hard-headed character that John Malkovich plays is certainly the highlight amongst the cast, and Malorie’s character arc of going from a harsh and cold person to being a loving mother is satisfying to watch. The problem is that Bird Box leaves the viewers asking more questions than that had at the start of the film. This is all thanks to the unseen creatures that serve as the film’s antagonists – which is also, the most intriguing part.

The film promises a great mystery behind the apocalypse with unknown creatures that compel one to commit suicide when see. You don’t ever really see these creatures, which is fine, but there is a lack of explanation for these creatures and their effects on people. There is a brief explanation by a store clerk, played by Lil Rel Howery, that shines some light onto the mystery, but it just isn’t quite filling.

Another thing that is never answered is why some people can see the creatures and not kill themselves. For some victims, they instead go insane and try to force other people to look at the creatures. Is it because the creatures choose certain people to become their followers? Or does it just depend on the person? It is just never explained because the film wants to be mysterious and lacks because of it.

While the film lacks from the much-needed explanations, it does bring you back with its suspense. For instance, there is a scene where Malorie is on her way home from the hospital, and that’s when everything hits the fan. Malorie is forced to watch people commit horrific acts of suicide as she tries to get home safely. This is certainly my favorite part of the film because of how brutal everything plays out.

The film tries to keep you on your toes throughout and it does that just fine. Another noteworthy detail is when the creatures are present in the film and you see how much the creatures affect the area they’re in. Subtle things like the leaves being lifted into the air and the terrifying sounds that the creatures make are what makes the movie thrilling.

There are a couple of moments of Bird Box that fair to deliver on their intended suspense. For example, a moment that was building up throughout the film, when Malorie and the children must go down the rapids on the river, ended up presenting no real danger.

Overall, Netflix’s Bird Box is a decent film to watch to pass the time. The film offers too many questions and has no real answers to be given to them, but the cast and chilling moments are certainly what keeps the film’s head barely breathing and above the water.