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‘I Am Number Four’ is a must see for all

By Charmayne Knox
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Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron (Glee’s Quinn Fabray) starred in the latest action movie called “I Am Number Four.” Released this past Friday, it was based on a young adult science fiction novel by Pittacus Lore.

John Smith, also known as Number Four, played by Alex Pettyfer, plays a teenager forced to lay low because of his secret identity. At the beginning of the movie one of the symbols tattooed on his leg start to burn and he sees a vision of a young boy being murdered by a tall, fanged “man” with gill like openings on either side of his nose.

As a result, his handler, Henri (Timothy Olyphant) demands that he packs his things in order to relocate. Henri and John relocate from Florida to Pleasant, Ohio. He is revealed to be the fourth of a group of nine youths from the planet Lorien. The symbols on his leg represent the other eight members. He mentions getting his scars when the other three “numbers” died and every time it happened, he and Henri, the warrior assigned to keep him alive, moved to another place.

Their pursuers, another alien race called the “Mogodors” (or Mogs for short)who colonized the planet Lorien and destroyed its people have made it their mission to find and destroy each “number,” one by one, in sequential order, until their entire race is gone. The boy in John’s vision being murdered was Number Three. He is Number Four.

John starts at a school in the area of the house that they move to. He meets a jock named Mark who seems to go out of his way to make fun of a nerdy guy named Sam. Sam’s dad came up missing a few years prior; supposedly being abducted by aliens.

John’s own powers manifest themselves while he is sitting in class. His hands light up, burning his skin and causing him to sweat. He learns of his agility and strength not long after. Mark and his bully friends attack John, causing him to use his powers in the sight of Sam.

Sam then realizes that John is an alien and demands to know where his father is. John tells him that the Mogs probably have him. Henri comes up missing from their home causing John and Sam to go after him.

“I thought is was really good,” Jay Perez, moviegoer, said. He mentioned that he “wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel.”

Another moviegoer, Jeff Baugh said,“It was predictable,” but when asked if he would be interested in the sequel he said he would go to see it nonetheless.

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