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Ceramics Professor and Local Artists Continue FAVO Showcase Through May 4

Attendees can visit the FAVO exhibition displaying local artists’ works. (Shana Gothing)

“Portrait of a Kiln” continues for two more dates this weekend. The art exhibition showcases local artists’ work and their independently-built kilns. 

Portrait of a Kiln has been hosted at Faith Arts Village Orlando, 221 East Colonial Drive, since March. Artists showcased pieces such as cups, mugs, and bowls. Images of the ceramic artists were displayed on the walls with or of their kilns with written displays about their kilns and firing practices. The event has offered “a unique insight into the character of each included artist”. 

Local artists include Austin Lindsey, Trevor Dunn, Jesus Minguez III, Richard Munster, John Link, Osa Atoe, May Wong, and Chad Steve.

Portrait of a Kiln host and exhibitor Richard Munster says, “I want people to understand that building, maintaining, and firing your own kiln is accessible and doable.” He adds, “Younger potters or older emerging potters in town get a sense of the diversity and scale complexity, firing time, and all the nuances for independently-built kilns.” 

Attendee James Maxey, a military veteran, said, “I like the diversity in styles and expressions.” Maxey continued, “Everyone uses the clay differently… you can really see their identity in each piece.”

The exhibition showcased the objects which had different designs and textures which can come from the artist’s design choices and their kiln. 

K’dosh Wilson, a videographer, said, “There is so many different types of artwork and there is all different styles of art.”

Munster, a Ceramics Professor at Valencia College, explains, “In regards to kilns, there are so many different ways you can fire… the way someone chooses to do that is part of a legacy, they are taking often times information they’ve learned from their mentors, from where ever it is in the world that they have come from, and applying that through their own lens. It becomes a part of their practice.” Munster continues, “There’s a great balance between an artist’s personal touch and hand; the legacy that influenced, and I thought this show might be able to shine some light.”

A display of a local ceramic artist John Links’ works at FAVO. (Shana Gothing)

According to Professor Munster, the ceramic pieces in this exhibition are to educate via exposure the local arts and ceramic community about the process and possibilities behind designing building and firing your own kiln.

He says, “The goal to some degree was for viewers to be able to get a slightly more whole or insightful taste of what goes into making those pots and making those objects… There’s always a story behind someone’s studio practice, and this was just an opportunity for these guys to share that through the lens of their kilns.”

Those who attend this exhibition are able to purchase and feel the ceramic pieces. Munster says that within the first days of the exhibition, “we sold a healthy amount… I had to have two artists ship me more work.”

Portrait of a Kiln is open by appointment and during the Art Market. The last dates for the showings for the exhibit are Friday, May 3, and Saturday, May 4.

Spotlight and Infographic for Ceramics Professor Richard Munster who’s art exhibition ‘Portrait of a Kiln’ continues this weekend from May 3 through May 4. (Shana Gothing)
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Shana Gothing is a second-year Valencia College student studying for her Associate's in Arts degree. She is interested in Humanities and Art Studies. In her free time, she enjoys listening to any type of music, reading, and writing.

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