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Titans Perspectives


By Nicole Marsden

Taking place in the DC Universe, Titans is a spin-off of the Cartoon Network television show, Teen Titans based on the comics of the same name. The show stars Brenton Thwaites as Robin, Teagan Croft as Raven, Anna Diop as Starfire, and Ryan Potter as Beast Boy. This team of superheroes band together to fight crime as trouble arises.

The show premiered on October 12th, 2018 and has already been renewed for a second season. The show is available on DC Universe’s new streaming service. Students on campus had the chance to share their opinions on the show’s gritty take on the comics:

How do you feel about Starfire being African-American?

“I have no problem with it, I know that in the original cartoon she already had like a bronze, orange-ish skin color. She already was an alien and she definitely wasn’t white, so it’s not a big deal” said 20-year-old Graphic Design major Alexis Gutierrez. “I have more of an issue with the costume design, and how they made her unnecessarily provocative looking. It’s a little odd especially with the more down-to-earth clothing for the other character.”

“Why? No. No. I don’t like it. She’s an alien from a different planet, that’s how it should be,” 27-year-old American Sign Language major Sarah Ayala said.

“As long as they do the character right I don’t really care, but personally I’d rather she looked like she did in the original,” said 20-year-old film major Reggie Ingham.

Where is Cyborg?

“Yeah, that is a good question, where is Cyborg? I mean, I feel like he might show up later,” said 19-year-old Civil Engineering major Akharachai Thanyacharoeh. “Titans would not be Titans; the show is not the same.”

“Well they probably have a copyright issue since he was just in the Justice League movie and they don’t want to confuse viewers, but I don’t know. Maybe he’ll appear later,” said Ingham.

It seems like the show is going to focus on Robin and Raven’s relationship versus Robin and Starfire’s relationship. What are your thoughts?

“Heavily against. It’s always been Robin and Starfire, always. It’s dumb. If you’re going to flesh out a friendship, yeah that’s fine. They’re actually good friends. But if you’re trying to hash out a relationship, no, just no,” said 21-year-old Digital Media – Game Design major Julian Maceira said.

“Well, the common story is that Robin and Starfire are constantly falling in and out of love and it’s a common story. If you’re a DC fan, you know it. So, Robin and Raven, seems kind of cool to me; I would love to see it explored,” said 19-year-old Physics major Shelby Smith.

“I would hope that they try to keep it even like they used to. The original was always about them working as a team together, each individual coming together, and how they support each other through their flaws. It was about the team as a whole and the team as a whole work together very nicely rather than as individuals fighting alongside each other. And so, the focus on their [Robin and Raven’s] relationship can throw off the balance of the show,” 19-year-old Psychology major Jessica Gilmer.

Do you plan on watching the show in the future?

“Yes, if I have time to keep up with it,” said Thanyacharoeh.

“Maybe. I’m a very busy person, so who knows.” said Gilmer.

“I do, but I might watch reviews first. I’ve been a little burned out with DC movies. So I’m hoping that it’s good, but I’m going to see reviews first before I go ahead and watch the show,” said Gutierrez.

“Probably not, I’m getting kinds sick of superhero stuff, there’s so many movies coming out now,” said Ingham.

“God no,” said Maceira.

“I will definitely give it a watch,” said Smith.

“I can’t wait! Next week I’ll be watching the first episode,” said Ayala.

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