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Valencia Students Speculate about Fiona’s exit from Shameless

by yotambientengosuperpoderes via Flickr
by yotambientengosuperpoderes via Flickr

Season nine of “Shameless” premiers Sunday night on Showtime, and while fans are excited to see the new season, it marks the beginning of the end of an era – the Fiona era.

Emmy Rossum stars in the show as Fiona Gallagher, the older sister to her co-stars and daughter to patriarch Frank (William H. Macy). Fiona has been a crucial character to the storyline since the beginning, and it was recently announced that season nine will be her last.

Rossum announced that she is leaving the show in a facebook post on Aug. 30. In the post, she discussed everything from the life she lived before shameless, to her audition process, to life on the show.

“Try not to think of me as gone, just think of me as moving down the block,” Rossum wrote to end the post.

Fiona’s absence will undoubtedly change the feel of the show. Here’s what Valencia Shameless fans have to say about her leaving.

How do you feel about Fiona leaving after season nine?

“I cried,” says Jacqueline Stewart,19 year old Biomedical Science major. “Like I was like ‘wow this sucks.’ And yeah I don’t think the show’s gonna be the same without Fiona but that sucks. Like it just sucks! I hate it!”

“I feel like she’s like the main character because she’s the glue of the family,” says Japheth Mcrae, 20 year old Business major. “So if she leaves the show it creates like an unbalance in the family.”

“Well I think that she is one of the main characters so it’s probably not going to do so well and it’ll be the last season,” says Financial Aid Specialist, Ashley Brocious.

Ben Donald, Film Production Tech major says, “Fiona leaving really sucks, she reminded me of my mom and I really cared about her character. She has her ups and downs but she really made this show hit me in a good way.”

“I wouldn’t want to watch it because Fiona is like a main character so everything happens to her technically, everything goes back to her so I don’t think it’ll be good,” says Thiara Rojas, 16 year old Dual Enrollment student.

Who will take over responsibility for the Gallagher household?

According to Brianna Chirino, 18 year old Health Science major, “Lip. I think Lip will. 100%. Lip.”

“Either Ian or… probably Ian or what his name… Lip,” says Kenneth Ramirez, 18 year old Interpreting for Deaf major.

“I hope it’s not Carl’s wife,” says Brocious. “But I think it would be Lip…and then it’ll follow his addiction type stuff. Cause Carl’s gone, Debbie’s a lost cause with no toes, Liam is too little and I believe Frank will end up in jail.”

“Honestly, Debbie or Lip could with no problem. I can’t really say or predict but I hope it’s someone who can care for them forever,” says Donald.

“Lip, 100 percent, Lip,” says Kaitlynn Prather, 18 year old Marketing and Management major. “Because you know he has started a lot of responsibilities and stuff through the seasons and throughout his growth and stuff, and you know he’s kinda getting his act together too at least from what I see. Definitely Ian if not Lip.”


Stephanie Sequera, Jessica Silva, and Jasmyn Diaz contributed to this story.

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