BREAKING: Donald Trump elected next president of the United States

America, are you ready to be “Made Great Again”? Donald Trump has won the 2016 presidential election and will be the United States’ 45th president.

Hillary Clinton called Trump early Wednesday morning to concede the race.

The world, our nation, and even Trump supporters are shocked at this political outcome. Sean Hannity said to Fox News—

“This is a modern day political miracle you’re witnessing before your eyes right now. And that is to go up against everybody and all the pundits and all the pollsters and all the prognosticators out there- to defy all the odds.”

Victory came by no landslide. The polls showed that Clinton proved herself an equal opponent by giving Trump nail-biting competition. States constantly fluctuated by small percentages as to which they favored most.

One of the vital swing states, Florida, surprised the nation when it bestowed its 29 electoral votes upon Trump. Other such vital swing states, such as Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Ohio, Trump won as well— some with only a one percent lead.

While a large number of our nation celebrated an unforeseen victory through the night, the rest are left to prepare to for upcoming changes. Even the Canadian government’s immigration website crashed from the flood of worried Democrats and anti-Trump supporters.

What will this presidency look like for our nation? Only time will tell. But with Trump’s candid nature and nation-changing promises, the next four years will be ones that America won’t ever forget.