Tesla revolutionizing automobile industry

Global warming is not a prediction. It is happening right now, and our cars are one of the biggest contributors to the climate change all over the world.

In order to reduce the greenhouse gases, car manufacturers came up with a revolutionary technology, the electric car. From all over the world, car dealers have been developing new ways to optimize the range of an electrical batteries lifespan. In this pursuit of perfection, American company, Tesla, is way ahead of its competitors.

Nikola Tesla was a very notable scientist in the 19th Century who emigrated from Serbia to the United States. He was invited to work with the inventor of the light bulb, Thomas Edison. They worked for years trying to find a new source of energy, however Tesla wanted to pursue his own instincts.

Fast-forward to today, as the Tesla brand has become synonymous with efficiency, luxury and being environmentally friendly. Tesla Model S and Model X cars, all plug-in vehicles, are all made by robots at the production factory in Silicon Valley, California.

Founded by Elon Musk, the Tesla brand has been incising the sales rating by approximately 50,000 cars a year worldwide. The company won the title of “The World’s Most Innovated Companies” from Forbes in 2015.

Tesla develops vehicles in which the range is almost 250 miles, depending on how the driver accelerates. It is a very comfortable vehicle, very quiet; the acoustics system isolates the cabin from the outside very efficiently. It also comes with tons of options including different wheel designs, inside materials and computer systems.

The vehicle price starts from $70,000 for the Model S and $80,000 for the Model X. Both cars share the same system which allow every single Tesla vehicle to communicate with each other. This technology allows the integrated system to learn from one another, maximizing the performance on curves for example. They all learn together.

The company has been installing hundreds of free solar-powered charges, called “Super Stations” all over the nation. Today, there are 250 Super Stations in the United Sates. They are very simple to use, free, and environmentally friendly. When buying a Tesla vehicle, an adaptor comes with the cable charger, allowing it to be compatible to any other electric car charger in the world.

Tesla has been developing and improving the car industry concept. In order to reduce our carbon footprint emissions, the company is trying to make its vehicles cheaper and more affordable. These two models are just the beginning of a new era where fossil fuels will no longer be our main source of energy.