Valencia Student Establishes New Volunteer Organization


Melanie Alvarez, Contributing Writer

In a time where unity is scarce and division has become the default, one student is forging connections through the creation of a student organization. Valencia student Danesha Williams, recently founded Save Our Women, a women-based volunteer group.

“What inspired me to start the organization was seeing how women were so divided and so competitive against each other and I felt that bringing them together and doing something to help us and the community as well was a millionaire dream,” stated Williams.

Save Our Women was founded in October 2017, it initially faced hardship as it did not meet the minimum membership count to qualify as a Valencia-based organization. Since then the group has expanded and now has eight active members from both Valencia and UCF.

However, Williams has chosen to prolong plans on making the group university-based, choosing to instead wait until she transfers to UCF.

Although still a very young organization, Save Our Women has managed to form several partnerships throughout the community.

“We’re volunteering at PACE for girls, where we talk to the girls and come up with events for them, we’re also helping at United for Poverty by stocking their shelfs with clothes that low-income people can receive at a lower rate.” stated Williams.

In addition to collaborating with different organizations, Save Our Women has future plans to provide independent services, such as tutoring, etiquette classes and mentoring programs.

While the focus of the organization is to lend help to the community, members gain a lot from their experience as well.

Valencia student Quyen Nesbeth, was recently appointed vice-president of the organization, was  initial hesitation of taking on the responsibility of the position; however, she is now thankful for having done so.

“I have gained perspective of the measures people go to just to survive and make it in life… this organization has given me the space to reach out to my community in ways I did not think was possible.” expressed Nesbeth.

To learn about Save our Women and how to get involved, you can visit the organization’s official website,as well as the Instagram page saveourwomendw, in order to keep up to date with their events.