‘Going Out’ should have stayed in

By Christine Saraceno
[email protected]

For four long years fans of Celtic punk outfit, Dropkick Murphys (DM), have waited anxiously to hear new music. Finally, the excruciatingly long wait is over and their seventh album “Going Out In Style” is out in order to help cure fans of their musical monotony. Or is it?

Released on their own imprint, Born & Bred Records, “Going Out In Style” is a concept album that recites the story of fictional character Cornelius Larkin’s life and death.

The intricate weaving of classic Irish folk tales and frenetic, relentless rhythms are classic elements of DM’s sound. However, with “Going Out In Style” we find ourselves experiencing extreme cases of deja vu.

It’s all very predictable. You know when you listen to a Dropkick Murphys song that you’re going to hear Al Barr opening before trading off vocals with Ken Casey and then the whole band collectively coming together to screech the chorus like they’re mates on a drunken pirate ship. If you’re a die-hard fan then you’ll be thrilled because that’s what you expect out of their music. But if you’re looking for variety, look elsewhere.

One high point of this album are the guest appearances. Fat Mike of punk veterans NOFX, Chris Cheney of Australia-based band The Living End, and comedian Lenny Clarke all lend their vocals to the titular “Going Out With Style”. But the most mind blowing guest of all is by far Bruce Springsteen. Yes, The Boss himself sings with this band of punk rockers on the rowdy love song “Peg o’ My Heart” and it’s amazing.

Valencia student, Trevor Kains, thought so as well. “When I heard that they did a song with [Bruce] Springsteen I was shocked. I don’t know how they managed that but he’s a legend. It turned out to be a really good song.”

With a four year gap between albums, you would expect a lot more from a new DM release. Instead all the songs are hard to tell apart due to the recycled riffs and tired bagpipes. If the guys choose to go on another extended hiatus, let’s hope they come back more inspired when it’s time to release album number eight.