UCF Spring Football Game Ends with an Upset


Adrian Killins, Jr. points to the crowd after scoring a touchdown.

Sam Schaffer, Contributing Writer

The UCFierce pulled off an upset against the UCFast in UCF”s spring football game Saturday, affording fans a glimpse into how the team is shaping up this year.

The UCFast was comprised of mostly first team offense and defense, while the UCFierce was comprised mostly of second team players.

Things were going as one might expect leading into the half, UCFast up 21-14. But the UCFierce mounted a fierce comeback in the second half, ending the game with 35 points, defeating the Fast by seven points.

“I’ve been coming to the games since 1985,” Art Habit said. He came out to the game today “to see the kids play” and get a feel for how the team will look in the coming season.

Head Coach Scott Frost and a few players held a press conference after the game:

“I was pleased with it, I thought the enthusiasm was good,” Frost said about the game. “Our culture is so much better, guys enjoying football and playing together,” he said.

“Spring practice is more important to me than this game, and we made a ton of progress over the course of the spring,” Frost explained. “This team’s in a lot better place than it was.”

Frost is “really encouraged by offense’s improvement, we were really young last year trying to learn a new scheme.” This year however, Frost thinks the team is a “deeper team at most positions” than last year. “I think as a unit we’re playing better football.”

When asked about his quarterback, Frost said “McKenzie’s had an unbelievable spring, I’m pleasantly surprised with the amount of progress he’s made in a short amount of time.”

“A year of growth has definitely helped me feel more comfortable with my reads, my progressions,” Sophomore Quarterback Mckenzie Milton explained. “The O-line has been doing a better job so I feel more comfortable sitting in that pocket. Also the chemistry with the receivers has grown so much, we’re getting to a point where we’re all on the same page.”

“I’ll take our 11 versus anybody’s 11, offense and defense,” Mckenzie said when asked about the teams progression from last year.