Students to celebrate News Engagement Day with Twitter Q&A

There is an old joke, “what is black and white and red all over”?  The answer . . . a NEWSPAPER!

To recognize the importance of news and why it matters, the 2nd Annual News Engagement Day will be held on Tuesday, October 6.  It is an international day to raise awareness about the importance of being informed and to help people of all ages discover the benefits of news.

In honor of News Engagement Day the Valencia College East Campus news reporting class (JOU1100) will be hosting a Q/A session with Andrew Gibson, Sandra Pedicini, and Gabrielle Russon, Orlando Sentinel reporters.

“In my early twenties I did not follow the news,” Brittany Taccetta, Valencia College student said.  “The older I get, the more important I find it to follow the news just to keep updated with the current situation in the world that we live in.”

Added 25-year-old Valencia College student Jackie Morales, “I do think it is imperative to keep up with the news.  I think we are obligated to see what our government is planning and what goes on at least inside of our country.”

Today, students may never touch a newspaper except perhaps to wrap a gift or to potty train a new puppy, but that doesn’t mean millennials aren’t getting news.

In fact, a 2015 Media Insight Project study revealed that 69% of millennials get news daily and 45% regularly follow five or more “hard news” topics.

“I read the news weekly,” Samantha Zabala, Valencia College student, said.  “I follow CNN and the New York Times on Twitter.  Plus, I’ve recently added news apps on my laptop and cellphone.”

Getting news is as easy as a snap, tweet, post, or blog.  In fact, 74% of students get their news from online news sources according to the Media Insight Project.   And while the format may be different for traditionalists, students clearly want to know what is happening.

Jojasmin Mcfayden, a Valencia College student, gets her news through podcasts.  “I have an hour drive to school and work.  Listening to podcasts really makes my drive more pleasurable.  I love ‘This American Life’ like most people.”

Mcfayden added,  “Social media is another way I follow the news. Twitter is my favorite because I like that it’s so fast, and that I can get personal opinions from people in real time.”

For more information about news engagement day check out the national website, or contact Professor Rebecca Newman (407) 617-7141 classroom ideas.