Come rain or shine, Kimmy Trivett is a UCF fan

Kimmy Trivett is arguably the Knights’ biggest fan. She was in attendance on Saturday’s baseball game against Rice, along with hundreds of others. But Trivett, 68, has features which set her apart from the crowd.

For starters, she and her husband, Lynn, haven’t missed one UCF football game, home or away, for at least seven years. This alone may give Trivett an edge, but her recent battle (and recovery) with breast cancer is worthy of an even higher nod. Despite chemo treatments, Trivett’s dedication to game attendance didn’t even suffer a hiccup.

“The school is so wonderful to me,” Trivett said. She claims to have first gotten into UCF athletics because of her marriage to Lynn, who was a former official for the football and basketball programs. They started following the Knights around 20 years ago, and over time they built up rapport with the teams

“When the players would sometimes be injured or having a problem, we would send a card to the athletic association to tell them we were praying for them or that we cared about them,” Trivett said.

This got players’ attentions, and soon the Trivetts were easily recognizable because of their constant appearances at sporting events.

“We don’t have any children,” Trivett said. “The only time I was pregnant I miscarried. We’ve had a lot of single guys live with us from 18 on up. So we’ve always loved young people.”

Eight years ago, when Trivett turned 60, the last of these houseguests finished college and moved on. Since then the Trivetts “fell in love with UCF” and with its students. She and Lynn are now actually part the UCF student body; they both attend a class called L.I.F.E. (Learning Institute For Elders) every Tuesday morning.

When Trivett was diagnosed with cancer last January, Lynn called the athletic department asking people they knew to pray for his wife. The basketball team then phoned back, assuring that prayers would be made. Trivett finished her last chemo session in early May, and is now cancer-free.

Most recently, Trivett was given a Mother’s Day card before the Marshall series in Charleston, S.C., which was signed by every player. Trivett said she feels like the “mother of them all.”
She and her husband are planning to trek up to Pearl, Miss. on Tuesday for the Conference-USA tournament.

“The baseball team is having the most wonderful season,” she said. “They have a quality coach; quality players. It’s just wonderful to follow the program. And when you do, you are appreciated, and that’s big.”