Knights lose first series game; look to win game 2 on Saturday

The UCF Knights lost to the UAB Blazers after allowing nine unearned runs on five errors in the fourth inning.UCF had 11 hits but only four runs and six errors while UAB had 16 hits, two errors and 11 runs.“We’ve to play better,” said head coach Terry Rooney after the game on Friday. “We have to do something different than what we did today. We need to learn why that inning (fourth inning) happened and we need to get better at it.”First baseman D.J. Hicks, third baseman Chris Taladay, catcher Ryan Breen, and second baseman Travis Shreve each had two hits for the Knights.  Hicks had two runs while Shreve and Taladay had a run each.Hicks increased his season RBI total to 45 after hitting his ninth home run of the season.  The first baseman is the nation’s leader in RBIs.During the seventh inning Spencer Haynes and Tommy Williams replaced Shreve and shortstop Darnell Sweeney. Later Breen was also replace with Ethan Smith.

“I need to reevaluate some things tonight and make sure we put our selves in the best possible position,” said Rooney.

A change in Saturday’s lineup is up in the air. Rooney will announce if any changes will be made tomorrow prior to the game.

“We didn’t play well tonight. We played terrible. But when we go through that gate tomorrow it’s a new day we have the same determination and the same positive attitude,” said Rooney.

LHP Chris Matulis (4-0, 2.10 ERA) will be the starting pitcher for UCF on Saturday.
An Easter egg hunt for children (3-12) will begin at 3 p.m. and participants will get a free ticket to the game.

The Knights will look to win the second series game Saturday at 4:00 p.m.