By  T.J. Cole
[email protected]

Kanye West is a passionate guy, and looks at Beyoncé like family. I understand West — he’S always felt like he never got his due, so he speaks up every time he gets a chance. Taylor Swift was just an innocent bystander, but congratulations to Taylor for her reaction.

West is the ultimate opportunist.  Who is the whole world going to talk about: Taylor, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga? No.  We will watch West over and over and everyone will have something to say. Sometimes leaving the people with a moment is better than winning.  We are all to blame, because he will get bashed by the media, write a song, and make millions.  Then, it will enlarge his ego because we doubted him. He just left a lasting legacy, like it or not.

Hating people like West only adds to THEIR success.  You want to get rid of him?  Here’s what you do.  You accept him for who he is as one of the most, if not the most, talented, charismatic and controversial artists of our time. Take away that hate for him, and he loses his mojo and determination to rub it in people’s faces. Everyone played their role that night. Kanye played the man that everyone loves to hate.  Taylor played the cute, innocent, girl next door.  Beyoncé played the legendary diva with grace and class, everybody wins. Now the President of the United States is commenting on the Video Music Awards. So of course the media is going to run the quote, “He’s a jackass,” rather than focusing on what our President was being interviewed for in the first place.

Anytime we have our President and Kelly Clarkson discussing the same topic we have a huge problem in this country.  Jay Leno hit the jackpot by having West (who was previously scheduled to perform) appear on the premiere of his new show.  Now, are we taking bets that MTV will not edit out West when they replay the VMA’s? I can almost guarantee everyone that the footage will not only be aired, but MTV will probably have it from different angles to enhance the quality.

It’s crazy that as a society we are talking about how Kanye West disrespected Taylor Swift the next day.  Why as a society are we not more outraged about a Congressman calling our President of the United States Barack Obama a liar during his speech to the nation, about health care?  Come on people, what is the difference?

Congressman Joe Wilson from South Carolina should hold a higher standard of conduct. We accepted his apology, and kept it moving, but we will continue to blast West for days.  Kanye West represents Kanye West—always has and always will. It’s sad that more young Americans tuned in for the Video Music Awards than for a presidential speech discussing about how we can have better health care in this country.

So next time we are all sick, let’s listen to “You Belong to Me” for healing.