By Reese Wallace
[email protected]

Yes Mr. President, he is a jackass. Barack Obama proved last night that he is indeed the voice of the nation by calling Kanye West a jackass during an off the record conversation that was leaked by ABC News.

This kind of straight-talk is exactly what America has been waiting for from President Obama and should usher in an era of peace between Democrats and Republicans since both can agree that West is a deplorable tool.

West’s stunt at the MTV Video Music Awards ruined what should have been an ecstatic moment for Taylor Swift and showed that West, always the publicity hound, has no regard for anyone but himself.

West’s planet-sized ego has long been a feature of his public persona and unfortunately these outbursts are considered commonplace for the excitable superstar, but he should not be given any more passes.

West is not the only high-profile case of bad behavior floating in the pop-culture ether right now.

Representative Joe Wilson and tennis star Serena Williams both recently threw their hats into the ring for the title of most objectionable celebrity outburst.

The actions of these three people are actually very different, they exist on three separate planes of the spectrum of disrespect.

Williams reportedly threatened bodily harm to a line judge while Wilson disrespected the sanctity of the office of the president and the congress of which he’s a part.  West wasted the time of every person watching the VMA’s and imposed his will on the entire procession with his interruption. Let the records also show, that this was not the first time, by a large margin, that West has gone out of his way to stand out, in a negative way.

All three spit in the face of civil interaction in their own way, and whether the world likes it or not, these public figures have a lot of influence, for their behavior can have negative effects on American culture.

This is why I take pleasure to announce the Valencia Voice’s ban on all things Kanye West.  He adds himself to an illustrious list comprised of Britney Spears and the Jonas Brothers.

From this issue forward, he will not be mentioned in this paper, unless he buys it.