RNC recap

By Walter Edward
Valencia Voice

Day one of the Republican convention was on Labor Day and was mostly recognition of the help that was needed for the victims of Hurricane Gustav.

Cindy McCain and first lady Laura Bush did give short speeches ushering their husbands in proudly, and the crowd was enthusiastic, cheering loudly.

On the second day, President George Bush gave a speech from the White House and praised John McCain for the work he has done for the country.

Bush also waxed eloquent about McCain’s competitive nature seen when McCain lost the bid for the Republican nomination for president to George Bush in 2000. Senator Joe Lieberman spoke of the senseless acts of hostility between the Democrats and Republicans.

On day three of the convention, vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin harshly criticized Democratic nominee Barack Obama. She referred to herself as an “average hockey mom” and spoke of the negative media coverage she was receiving about her inexperience and personal issues.

Ex-candidate Rudy Giuliani gave a speech also criticizing Democrats for having
bad judgment in supporting Obama.

On day four McCain began his speech by thanking his fellow Republicans that ran against him for the nomination and thanked the Bushes.

Casually, McCain paid respect to his opponents Obama and Joe Biden, and promptly declared he’s going to win the election.