Valencia Security Releases New App


Sam Schaffer, Managing Editor

Valencia Security released an app that allows users to “report a tip,” get “help now,” view a map of each campus, and study various emergency plans.


The Valencia College Safety app offers a mobile version of many services already offered by the security office. “Virtual Walkhome” is a mobilized version of security’s escort program in which students can press a button on a call box (located around campus) and be escorted to their destination by security. Students don’t need to reach a call box to use “Virtual Walkhome,” they can just open the app, select “Start Virtual Walkhome,” and their phone will share their GPS info with security to show when they reach their destination and where they stop along the way.

The app states, “Valencia Safe was developed by Valencia Security under it’s mandate to develop policies, programs, services and informational resources to promote and address student safety.”

“I think that’s really helpful, I think for people who don’t feel safe or are in a compromised situation, to be able to get in touch with security in an instant is something that is needed,” said dual enrollment student Esteban Rodriguez. Rodriguez didn’t know how to contact security without using the app.

For students worried about sharing their location or other phone information with the app, in the “Commitment to User Privacy,” it is noted that the app does not collect personal data except when using some features like Walkhome. However, the app promises never to share any data it collects with third parties.

The app came out in the weeks following an attempted sexual battery on East Campus and multiple gropings at UCF.

The Valencia College Safety Safe app offers eight other safety features, they are:

  • Emergency Contacts – quick access to both emergency and non-emergency security and police lines.
  • Help Now – simultaneously send your location to and call Valencia Security.
  • Friend Walk – share your location with a friend who will monitor you as you walk to your destination.
  • Report a Tip – option to submit a tip along with a photo or video to security from your phone.
  • Safety Toolbox – set of tools to enhance safety, i.e. Flashlight, Share Map With Your Location, etc.
  • Campus Maps – maps of all Valencia campuses and facilities.
  • Emergency Plans – describes emergency situations and how to survive them.
  • Helpful Resources – link to student services info about admissions & records, advising and counseling, etc.

The app is monitored by the Security desk 24 hours per day at East, West, and Osceola Campuses.