Valencia students weigh in on Presidential Debate

Poll Question: What do you want to hear from Donald Trump and/or Hillary Clinton at the last presidential debate on Wednesday?


“I wanna hear more about the police and what they are going to do to address the issue of innocent people being murdered.”

Jasaan Eley 

East Campus

Age 20


“From Hillary Clinton, education. Originally I was going for Bernie, so I want her to follow those Democratic steps. I want her to follow in those steps for education and immigration.”

Leo Cordovi

East Campus

Age 21


“I would like Donald Trump to make a full sentence and actually answer a question for once instead of answering the question with another question”

Liesel Frank

East Campus

Age 18


“I hope to hear about more women’s rights on both parties and exactly what they want to do. I also want to know if anybody is still supporting Donald Trump. I’ve heard he’s lost a lot of Republican supporters. I read online that Trump wants to take money away from the FDA to use towards defense, and I would like for him to touch on that.”

Amy Walton

East Campus

Age 22


“I would like to know what his real plans are when it comes to illegal immigrants; how would he “punish” them.”

Kimberly Montoya

East Campus

Age 17


“In the final debate, I would like to see less interruptions and arguments from the both of them, and actually see them have a discussion on how they will handle issues presented in our country.”

Jafreicy Padilla

East Campus

Age 22


“What I would like to see from Donald Trump on Wednesday is that he is dropping out of the race and that this has all been a prank and America is a bunch of idiots for falling for it. All I want to see or hear from Hillary is her acceptance speech for being the next president.”

Kristopher Vincent-Jeror

Age 18

East Campus