RNC 2016: Day 2 Recap

Tuesday at the Republican National Convention kicked off with the Republican Party officially nominating Donald Trump as their presidential candidate for November’s election.

Day two was tabbed as “Make America Work Again,” with the focus supposed to be on the economy. The anti-Hillary Clinton sentiment definitely rolled over into day two in Cleveland however, as many speakers used their platform to not necessarily endorse Trump’s candidacy, as much as speak against the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Chris Christie put his prosecutor hat back on, as he ran through a list of allegations by Clinton and had the crowd chanting, “lock her up, lock her up.”

Trump’s son Donald Jr., who earlier delivered New York’s nominating votes that put his father over the top in the delegate count, vowed that his father would restore American potential.

His speech touched on a number of topics from family life, to different domestic and foreign matters. He vowed that Trump would unleash the “greatness” of hardworking American people and wouldn’t use “the highest office in the land as a path to personal enrichment.”

“That President can only be my mentor, my best friend, my father, Donald Trump,” his son said.

Tiffany Trump, 22, provided a more personable side, something that many were looking for.

“My Dad is a natural born encourager, the last person ever to tell you to lower your sights,” Tiffany Trump said.

House Speaker Paul Ryan also spoke Tuesday, and appears to be fully behind Trump, after being noncommittal earlier this year.

With the nomination, Trump completes what is probably the most unprecedented rise to a presidential bid in history.