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Unearthing a giant, ‘Jurassic Park’ roars back into theaters Friday

Courtesy of Universal Entertainment

“Jurassic Park” was a great film 20 years ago and, 20 years later and in the third dimension, it is still great.

It’s a film about dinosaurs and discovery and dinosaurs. Mostly, dinosaurs, actually. Who knew dinosaurs could be so much fun?

Honestly, I was intrigued by the chance to see the film in a theater, as I was but a mere babe when the film first released back in 1993.

Upon learning that it was converted for 3D, I was cautiously optimistic, because Spielberg is a genius who won’t let his name be attached to something bad (except for that second Jurassic Park).

At the same time, post conversion 3D often seems tacked on as an afterthought to scoop up extra money.

That is not the case here.

What we get instead is a two hour thrill ride intensified by dinosaurs right in your face. It’s kinda endearing when a film gets post 3D right, because it seems so difficult.

A lot of the 3D on display here is more subtle than things popping out at you, but very important for why this film works so well as an example of how to do 3D right.

For instance, the depth of field on display is often times astonishing in how deep one can see “into” it. Often times, the movie appears to be a stage play, and the actors seem to be living and breathing beings that can be touched if you’re able to get close enough to the “stage.”

Somehow, a  film converted for 3D 20 years after the fact ranks among some of the best content available in 3D.

It also doesn’t hurt that “Park” is a really good movie, either. After watching it an innumerable amount of times, it is still able to make a person jump and laugh at all the right moments. It’s crazy how good it is after all these years, but yet it is.

Those old bones have some life in them, yet.

– What to remember –

– This film has been converted from 2D to 3D after the fact. That’s the only change that has been made.

– There are no new scenes. No new dialogue. No new ‘takes.’

– If you’re expecting something new, look elsewhere. “Jurassic Park 4” is due in theaters sometime next June.That is probably a good place to start looking.

– You should still watch this movie, because the 3D is done really well and “Jurassic Park” is a lot of fun and also Jeff Goldblum.

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