Sonic the Hedgehog is looking more like himself


Paramount Pictures

The new trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog was released on November 12.

Ketlaire Cajuste, Contributor

Sonic the Hedgehog is spin dashing his way through his second trailer – the first look we’ve had of the classic video game character was in April, and it caused the Internet to collectively recoil at his design.

In the original Sonic design, he had a long, humanoid body, tiny eyes, and human teeth. The huge backlash of Sonic’s design made Paramount Pictures come to the decision to redesign Sonic, even if it meant pushing back the release date from November 8, 2019, to Feb 14, 2020. Sonic’s new look will hopefully draw kids in, rather than scaring them off now. 

The CGI of Sonic looks polished and Ben Schwartz’s voice of Sonic seems perfect in the new trailer, and it also gave Sonic a better introduction by showcasing his quirky attitude. We also got some new plot details. Jim Carrey acting like himself is always entertaining and the other actors like James Marsden made a good impression as well. There was much more comedy shown in this trailer that came from different characters other than Jim Carrey’s Eggman. Carrey probably isn’t going to carry this movie alone, after all.

The second trailer of this movie is miles better than the first one. Not just because of the new design, but it also gave the movie more life and energy that the first one barely had. It may now have a positive attitude and forward momentum to be a hit family movie this February.