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Green Hornet passes, for a Superhero Movie

By Charmayne Knox
[email protected]

“The Green Hornet” is the latest reboot out of Hollywood. Based on the 1966 television series of the same name, it opened in theaters this weekend.

The cast boasts some pretty big talent including Seth Rogan, Cameron Diaz, and Edward James Olmos. Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz) works as Britt Reid’s (Seth Rogan’s) assistant at “The Daily Sentinel.” After the death of Britt’s father Edward James Olmos’ character, Axford, becomes the editor in charge of the newspaper.

Seth Rogen was cast as the lead role of Britt Reid, the spoiled bachelor, turned masked prankster, turned heroic antihero. When comparing the movie with the television series one has to ask if Rogen was truly the ideal choice to play the role of a suave businessman.

Van Williams, the former Green Hornet, seemed to fit the role quite well and played it with seriousness. Considering Seth’s usual roles, a suave and serious performance was not likely to appear. “The Green Hornet” also featured Taiwanese musician, director, writer and actor Jay Chou as Kato, a role previously held by Bruce Lee in the television series.

A playboy who lives in his father’s pool house, Britt Reid makes headlines and messes up his father’s reputation for a living. After his father’s death, he inherits his father’s newspaper and has to deal with filling his father’s shoes.

In a stupor, Britt fires all of his father’s staff including the mechanic and maker of his morning coffee, Kato (Chou). After realizing that without Kato his coffee is terrible, Britt re-hires him.

Back at the Reid mansion, Kato shows Britt his workshop, which contained cars that Kato had specifically designed for Britt’s father, with certain vigilante intentions in mind. During their first midnight heist, Britt witnesses a couple about to get jumped by a group of men, so he and Kato spring into action, with Kato doing most of the heavy lifting. Later that night, Britt gets the idea to stop the bad guys all over Los Angeles, under the guise of being one of them, and thus ensues the movie’s plot.

Overall, the movie “The Green Hornet” wasn’t exactly true to the series that preceded it. There was a lot of humor and action. Unfortunately there were also a lot of loose ends which failed to make it a truly great movie.


Jay Chou, left, and Seth Rogen star in Columbia Pictures’ action film, “The Green Hornet.” (Jaimie Trueblood/Courtesy Columbia Pictures/MCT)

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