Small Works opens on East Campus

By Elisanett Martinez
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Every couple of months Valencia Community College hosts a collection of art and this month it just so happens to be the Curator’s Choice: Small Works by Central Florida Artists. Creators and art lovers gathered on September 10 at the Anita S. Wooten Gallery for appetizers, art and conversation.

The exhibit featured 24 artist and all pieces had a height requirement of 16 inches or smaller.

While some pieces where more traditional with the use of oils and acrylics, others used more unconventional materials like plastic dolls.

Susan and Stephen Bach, a married couple that both contribute to the art world, were both invited by the gallery director, Jackie Otto Miller, to showcase at the exhibit.

Susan Bach prefers to create structures with clay rather than create a painting.

“My medium is clay, mostly I create urns,” she said. “This particular piece is left open for the viewer to decide their own interpretations.”

Stephen Bach on the other hand, creates oil paintings that are nostalgic and dream-like.  “Hillside At Dusk” and “Passing Storm” are two paintings that Stephen Bach perfected for the exhibit.

“I never start a painting knowing what it will be,” said Stephen. “I continue to add paint until it speaks to me.”

Susan and Stephen Bach are not the only artists who displayed their artwork at the gallery. Jack Toepke took the time to talk to the Valencia Voice about his piece,

“Creation Current.” “Creation Current” is print

work that depicts a man’s face with different facial expressions stacked up from the bottom of the canvas to the top. A ying-yang motif is used as a metaphor for reality and spirituality.

“I was inspired by a stack of Polaroids that I had lying around, they were pictures of my face with different expressions. The pictures fell over and created an interesting image,” said Toepke.

Artist from all over the Central Florida area have contributed their art to this exhibit hoping to showcase their work in a new arena.

The Curator’s Choice: Small Works by Central Florida Artists is open until October 1 at the Anita S. Wooten Gallery. The exhibit is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am until 4:30 pm.

For more information, call (407)582-2298 and ask for Jackie Otto Miller.

Photo by: Shannon Scheidell