‘Cold Light of Day’ gets icy reception

Envision a picture-perfect scene: a troubled family reuniting for an idyllic Spanish vacation. But of course, that is far too good to be true for any action film. Illusions of paradise are soon shattered as the thrilling, though systemic, plot of “The Cold Light of Day” takes off.

At the outset of the film, Will Shaw, a young businessman portrayed by the dashing Henry Cavill, joins his family aboard their sailboat for a weeklong getaway to the coasts of Spain.

The story takes flight when the boat is hijacked and his loved ones are kidnapped by a group of terrorists. Faced with the consequences of his father’s decisions, Will is confronted with a mysterious briefcase and a 24-hour window to win his family back. With intelligence agents after him and the case, Will is now on the run.

“The Cold Light of Day” is a typical action-packed film. Full of car chases, bullet battles and a sultry leading lady, it hits all of the marks. Cavill comes off as quite the amateur in comparison to his co-star and on-screen father, Bruce Willis. Sigourney Weaver does her best to add some star power as Jean Carrack.

The film tells the tale of your usual undercover agent who must reveal his true nature to his family in order to keep them safe. Like many other films of its kind, it focuses on a man who must rise to be a hero. An isolated emotional scene adds a little something to the plot, rather than leaving it to just guts and glory. “The Cold Light of Day” was all together reminiscent of an all too familiar Jason Bourne-style romp.

Fellow moviegoer, Glen Scott, seemed to agree, describing the movie as “good, but not great.”

If you like your movies action packed, then “The Cold Light of Day” could be your blockbuster. All in all, it simply does not stand out among other thrillers of similar plot.