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    I hate online courses

    The computer seems fine for Facebook or Twitter, but an exam? Online courses lack visual learning as well as one-on-one contact with professors and engaged learning.If there’s one thing most college students suffer from, it’s procrastination. Online courses encourage procrastination because those classes can be easily forgotten. There is no constant reminder of the class or the assignment deadlines.“I really don’t like online classes,” Nursing major, Jenna Thurner said. “It’s really hard to keep up with and it’s just difficult to actually learn from the class.”

    As a visual learner, I find it difficult to learn from reading pages and pages of text. Being in the classroom with the teacher in my presence allows me to actively listen and take notes. While in the middle of a lesson, if a question pops in your head, it’s easier to ask on the spot in a class setting rather than email a professor who may or may not answer you on time.

    The lack of communication is a huge difficulty with online courses, and email may be the only medium to use. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your question answered or help on a specific lesson in time for the exam or before an assignment due date.

    There is also a strong possibility that while taking an exam, a student will be more likely to read notes or basically cheat on a test because there is no one present to watch. With students using their notes or the textbook, it skips the entire learning process from the class and strips the whole point of taking classes in general.

    “Online classes are not too bad,” Communications major, Oshondra Jacobs said. “It all depends on your motivation and if you can keep up with it, but it is a lot harder than normal classes.”

    A study published in the Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration reported that students felt that not all course content or subjects translate well into an online environment, particularly those that may require feedback from the instructor in hands-on, real time learning.

    According to Sloan Consortium, due the downturn of the economy, the total online enrollments have increased by one million between the years 2008 and 2009.

    “I like certain online classes, specifically those that are easy,” Business major Michael Robinson said. “Instead of having to show up every week, I can just stay home all day.”

    While some students enjoy the privilege of not driving to campus, most lack time management and motivation, and don’t experience the necessary advantages of hands-on, in-class learning. Trading a classroom for a pair of pajamas might be more damaging than one would think.

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