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    A Virginia Tech student goes on, what can simply be called, a rampage, killing 32 people. A drifter walks off the street into a Colorado public school and kidnaps a half a dozen girls before sexually molesting and shooting one of them. Three Wisconsin teenagers are taken into custody for plotting a bomb attack on their school. A teacher is gunned down in Vermont as a man searches angrily from classroom to classroom for his ex-girlfriend. Another student in a rural school shoots his principal.

    Those “Gun-Free Zone” signs in front of public schools just aren’t catching on. Or are they?

    Does anybody else see the obvious connection between “gun-free zones” and murder? Harris and Klebold at Columbine High School, John Lee Malvo in Baltimore,  Charles McCoy in Columbus, Ohio, United 93 Washington, D.C. – the city with the highest murder rate in the country and the strictest gun control laws.

    And not only that, but do you see the obvious omission: how are these innocents being protected? Short answer: they’re not.

    Gun control laws do not protect good people; they disarm good people. Bad people are encouraged, not intimidated, by gun control laws. Criminals, by definition, break the law – how is a new law going to prevent them from carrying a gun when they’re breaking a law to use it in a crime in the first place? A placard outside of a school or hospital is not going to prevent a criminal from carrying a gun onto the property. The placards may make the criminals more likely to use their gun, however. Criminals prefer a disarmed population. Defenseless people are easier to victimize. Criminals aren’t stupid—“gun-free zones” are the safest places to kill people and that’s why most of the mass murders in our nation take place at these locations. The gun control policies of the public school system are almost as deadly as their Planned Parenthood-sponsored sex education classes.

    Good people have nothing to fear from good people keeping and bearing arms. Only bad people need to fear that. If there were only that much sense in a politician willing to defy the liberal insanity of “gun-free zones” and allow good people to carry the means of defense on their person.

    Our nation’s “gun-free zones” are a microcosm of the politics of mass murder on a much grander scale: Mao tse Tung, Hitler, and Stalin, the three most infamous mass murderers in history, only succeeded in their diabolical tyranny because of successful gun control. Gun control is job security for criminals and tyrants, who lie about what keeps us safe and usurp common-sense rights to protect us. Guns in the hands of teachers, doctors, and bus drivers are not what is transforming our “Gun-free zones” into killing zones. It’s guns in the hands of criminals, giddy with the leftist policies that guarantee their victims and any eyewitnesses will be disarmed and defenseless.

    “But we can always dial 911, and the police will protect us!”

    Tell that to the six girls in Colorado that were held at gunpoint while the police waited outside behind their cars. Tell that to the Columbine students, who hid under desks at the library and barricaded themselves in classrooms as Harris and Klebold went on their killing spree while officers hid behind their bullet-proof shields outside the school for hours. In their defense, the police were successful at keeping armed and furious parents from charging onto school property to kill the butchers and protect their kids. That would have violated school policy, and the parents may have been shot in the back had they tried it.

    Carrying guns onto school property, even if it’s to protect your kids from mass murderers, is almost as bad as student-led prayer or posting the Ten Commandments.
    Hopefully the irony in that last statement isn’t lost on you.

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