The Soundtrack of My Life: A Unique Musical Experience

Theresa Neal

Combining music, video, and theatrics, The Soundtrack of My Life is a one-man show with a lot to offer. The live show by Elias Faingersh, “Europe’s Golden Trombone” from Sweden, starts with an upbeat trombone performance. Elias then introduces us to his performance partner: himself.

One of the best parts of this performance was Elias arguing with himself. This not only gave us insight into how he sees himself; It added a new layer of comedy into the performance. The dialogue between Elias and the Elias on the screen felt genuine – especially since the Elias on the screen often spoke in Swedish (with subtitles). To me, this was an excellent representation of inner dialogue.

The performance took us through Elias’ life as a traveling musician, synching home movies to unique music. While home movies give a very personal touch to the performance and help the audience get to know the musician, they are also very relatable. Elias showed us how he broke his arm, some of the meals he enjoys, his flight needing to make an emergency stop – things many of us have experienced in the past.

All in all, The Soundtrack of My Life is a unique all-ages performance that combines several different elements into something personal and enjoyable.