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    Nike: Wear it or Burn it?

    Do you want to wear it or burn it?

    Nike recently released an ad with Colin Kaepernick as the narrator, and some Americans lost it.

    Colin Kaepernick began the trend of protesting racial inequality during the national anthem by kneeling during the song before a football game in 2016. Since then, kneeling during the anthem has been targeted or praised by everyone from Donald Trump to Lebron James.

    Needless to say, focusing on such a controversial figure has sparked both outrage and support towards Nike from the public. Here’s what Valencia students had to say about Nike after the ad was released.

    “Wear Nike,” said Nicholas Rodrigues, 19 year old Cyber Security major. “I will still wear it, doesn’t matter the controversy because I still like the style.”

    “Wear Nike,” said Julian Lopez, 19 year old Screen Writing major. “If I bought it there’s no point of burning it, that’s a waste of my money if I burnt it. And I side with Colin Kaepernick too.”

    “I stand in respect to my grandparents,” said Dual Enrollment student, Emmelie Proden. “Everyone has their own reasons, it’s them standing up their cause”

    “In my personal opinion it would be a waste of money to burn them,” said Franco Franchie, 18 year old Mechanical Engineering major. “Im totally for Colin Kaepernick being the new face of money, I don’t really see a problem with it.”

    “I don’t really see the point in burning Nike shoes and clothes like that,” said Mckenzie Weldon, 18 year old History major. “I think its an inappropriate way to protest what their protesting. If you do take a stand, march- make peaceful protest- burning your shoes doesn’t make a lot of sense since you already purchased it.”

    “I support what he’s trying to do,” said Nashley Zayas, 18 year old Hospitality Management major. “And I’m not gonna stop wearing a brand because of someone; it’s just clothes. People are overreacting and that’s just stupid.”

    “Wear it,” says 18 year old Rasheed Walker. “Because they are just showing that you can believe what you want to believe and they support people and their beliefs and people who are just burning their apparel is in a way protesting which is also okay but they are protesting against someone’s protest.”

    “If I’m going to be honest with you Ima just keep wearing it so honestly I like their clothes it’s just nice,” says Daniela Moje, 18 year old biomedical sciences major. “I don’t really care about what’s going on.”

    Jalene Reyes, Maria-Paz Parra, Sasha Klappenbach Arp, and Manuel Chimoy contributed to this story.

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