Club Rush 2018

Donasia Harry

Club Rush

Every year, Valencia College hosts an event called Club Rush. At the Osceola campus, Club Rush is for students at Valencia College, who are looking for more than a degree. College students, who are seeking to create an amazing college experience that can impact their lives, can seek clubs and organizations like the Creative Writing Club, Creatologists, Cru Club, Valencia Ambassadors, the Student Government Association, and many more. These clubs come together not only to share their information, but to share their own personal experiences of changing the college perspective.

I interviewed the president of the Cru Club, which is a Christ based club. Samuel Ortiz is a dual enrollment student. “This year’s club rush was really awesome,” he stated. “There was a lot of diversity and students were fun to talk to and many seemed interested in being part of the club. Their willingness and openness to something new, made me confident to talk to people I’ve never seen before and relate to them. To me, it was a complete success, and I look forward to the next one.”

This was Ortiz’s first club rush. As a dual enrollment student, he was very satisfied to see students from all backgrounds come together to celebrate Valencia College, and their extracurricular activities. “To me, it meant that even though many people say this generation is always using cellphones and technology, we’re still able to communicate and be friendly to other people. That really excited me, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the club rush,” he stated.

As this 2018-2019 school year continues, the goal for each club is for Valencia College students to get involved to strive for excellence and make Valencia College a comfortable and exciting environment.