Cancer is not all it’s cracked up to be

By Neda Hamdan
[email protected]

4.5 stars out of 5

Based on a true story, “50/50” is about a twenty-something who works at a radio station, (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), that is diagnosed by cancer. The film is inspired by the writer of the movie, Will Riser, and his real life story of dealing with cancer through a unconventional way; through humor.

Through talking to a inexperienced counselor (Anna Kendrick) and telling the news to his friends, (Seth Rogen), girlfriend, (Bryce Dallas Howard), and parents, (Anjelica Huston and Serge Houde), “50/50” tells a story about the importance of love, friendship and family.

“I enjoyed the movie very much,” said Janice Palmer. “I liked that it had a sense of comedy, but it was also heartfelt at the same time.”

With a twinge of comedy, this movie shows the reality of cancer, through loss and heartbreak, and that cancer is not always easy or simple. The script was full of improvisation, which made it funny and clever, with a indie set soundtrack to set the overall tone of the movie.

The director, Johnathan Levine, did a wonderful job with his debut film. The acting was brilliant, especially Gordon-Levitt, who portrayed the emotions and reactions through his ordeal realistically, while Rogen brought light and funny moments into the movie.

“I thought the movie ended very well, but I didn’t like the rest of the movie,” said David Lott. “I kind of found the beginning and middle kind of dull, and the acting was not bad.”

The fact that it’s based on the life of Riser, a comedy writer, showed authenticity with moments of heartbreak and loss. This movie shows all the good and bad parts of cancer with finesse. The movie can bring you to tears and fits of laughter.

The movie demonstrated the importance of friends and family to support you,who can be the best healers of all.