Arts and Humanities

By Jennifer DiDomenico
[email protected]

Humanities is a required course, that every student attending Valencia will take at some point- no matter his or her age, major, or campus. Valencia has recently been connecting the humanities course material with the arts.

The new topic up for discussion is whether or not students should participate in the performing arts events in which they are learning about in class. Students like Juan Bernal agree with the importance of this concept “simply due to the fact that students need to be able to learn past the typical english or math classes.”

Many students are excited to be experiencing the events that they are reading about.

“These courses better prepare students for real life experiences,” said Joey Nunez, who is not currently enrolled in any humanities courses. “They make a more well rounded student.”

Online humanities classes are now requiring students to visit a museum and turn in a written paper on their experience for grading.

“It is important to physically visit a museum when taking an online class,” Bernal said. “There is a huge difference between researching information online and physically going somewhere to gather information.”

Student Adam Aboulfath does not believe in making these outings a requirement, believing that students should “go and explore” for their own admiration of the arts.