Valencia faculty given opportunity to showcase own art

If you have ever walked through Building 3, then most likely you’ve seen the art gallery on showcase.

The gallery is usually decorated with amazing art from Valencia’s art major students. But once a year Valencia hosts the Faculty Exhibition for the faculty to showcase their own art, which allows us to see the talents of the professors and leaders of the Fine Arts program.

Valencia has been hosting this show for 35 years. Each year showing us the capabilities of our art professors.

“It’s cool to see how teachers express themselves because they have a different mindset then us,” said Valencia student Albert Acosta Ramirez.

With life and experiences it makes sense to see how you can see a certain maturity in their art work. A fine example of this is found in Alan Maxwell’s Family photograph pieces. Alan described his inspiration “realizing how f**** up families are.”

Many students who viewed the Faculty Exhibition believe that it was not as abstract as the previous pieces in the gallery.

“Some teachers tend to be a little old fashioned while others tend to be more contemporary and modern, and it really depends on the person because art isn’t exactly the same to everyone,” said student Valerie Chadwick.

With classes in the picture, where do these artists get the time to create their work? Many students believe that as a college professor, being a teacher is all these professors do. When in reality— “All of our faculty are working artists. They all make on going work,” said head director of the art gallery Jackie Otto Miller.

The show has a wide variety of the different aspects of art. With everything from photography, paintings, and sculptures.

Professor Michael Galetta completed three sculpted pieces for the show. Making each sculpture similar but unique, Galetta was inspired by the history of the pre-renaissance time period.

“They would put together many different objects and try to sublimate faculty exhibition a face within the piece,” said Galetta.

The other piece was inspired by  the myth of the Mexican culture about what is a codal. Which is a serpent with feathers. He made his view on it by having the serpent fighting and a bird fighting each other.

The Faculty Exhibition comes to a close on Friday, Dec. 16.