Students shed light on pet adoption

October Is National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month. Here is how a few Valencia students stood when it comes to animal shelters.

Poll Question: Shelter vs. Pet Store? Why would you choose one over the other?


“Shelter dogs deserve to be saved and go to good homes more than pet shops, because they can get put down if they don’t get adopted soon enough.”

Amanda Soler  

East Campus


“Every pet that my family and I have ever had have been rescue animals from shelters. Not always by first choice but it’s always been the best fight for the animal and my family. So I choose shelter, to keep the family tradition of happy animals.”

Maddy Patten

East Campus


“I would choose a shelter dog because it’s so much better. They usually provide shots for the animals already and they’re way cheaper than the pet store. Pet stores have ridiculous prices and don’t provide anything for the animal for it to be so expensive.”

Shayna Haynes

East Campus


“I would rather get an animal from the shelter because they need a chance for a good home too. And pet stores are often really expensive.”

Shayla Haynes

East Campus


“Definitely shelter dogs before pet store animals”

Jenn Hamel

East Campus

From this experiment it is clear to see that the majority of people prefer shelters over pet stores and there are more dogs in need of homes than ever before. So go to the nearest animal shelter and adopt a lifelong best friend today!