Strange ‘Star’ a Lovable Loser

By Neda Hamdan
[email protected]

1 Star out of 5

“Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star” is a comedy about a naive boy from Iowa, played by Nick Swardson, who finds out that his parents used to be porn stars in the 1970’s. He decides to movie to Los Angeles to act in the porn industry, in spite of the fact that he has an abnormally small penis.

Throughout his journey, he meets a sweet girl named Kathy (Christina Ricci), a famous porn star named Dick Shadow (Stephen Dorff), who soon becomes his competition, and an out of work director, Miles Deep (Don Johnson). As Larson attempts to achieve his dream, he must choose what’s more important – fame or love?

This movie comes from Happy Madison Productions, meaning it was written by Adam Sandler, which was unsurprising, considering this movie had an unrealistic plot and cheesy jokes. While the movie had many prominent actors such as Dorff and Johnson, there were moments while I watched the movie wondering how could they have possibly made a entire movie out of this?

The movie was filmed in California, and was filled with songs from the 70’s and 80’s, such as Journey’s “Faithfully,” which suited the movie with it’s desperate attempt to appeal to the older audience. The movie seemed to run out of ways to stay interesting and resorted to filling most of its jokes by referring to the fact that Larson had two enormous buck teeth.

“I thought the characters were over the top and it had an unrealistic appeal,” said Cameron Robb. “I just felt like the whole movie was pointless with the whole porn direction they took, and I think the writers could have been more creative.”

Like many of Sandler’s movies, there’s an attempt to shoehorn in a romance and a girl who is out of the main character’s league, but then again, most of the other events that occur in the movie are just as far fetched. Although it isn’t one of the best movies Sandler has written, you can’t help but pity Bucky as he goes through obstacles to achieve what he considers his destiny. It has a surprisingly sweet end, topped off with a cheesy joke, and surprisingly, you might actually chuckle.