LIVE BLOG: UCF vs. USF (Week 13)

The UCF Knights will look for their first win as they enter the final week of the season and take on the USF Bulls at home on Thanksgiving night.

UCF is 0-11 going into the game while USF is 7-4 and playing to keep their division winning hopes alive with a win over the Knights.

The Bulls are coming off of back-to-back win in which they scored over 40 points, while the Knights haven’t scored more than 31 points in a game all season.

Third Quarter:

15:00 – I’ll be Tweeting from on the field during the third quarter, follow me @Danny_Morales_

Second Quarter:

USF tacks on a 44-yard field goal and the Bulls take a 24-3 lead into halftime.

0:13 – The fumble is over turned and USF will keep the ball at the UCF 40.

0:13 – UCF forced a turnover and will have the ball at the 36 with maybe enough time for two plays.

0:35 – Turnover on downs as UCF goes for it on fourth down but can’t complete the pass. USF ball with a 21-3 lead.

4:42- Flowers keeps it and goes in for a touchdowns, Bulls now lead 21-3.

8:29 – Holman throws an interception and USF has the ball at the UCF 49.

12:07 – Flowers hits Sean Price for a touchdown and the Bulls lead 14-3.

First Quarter:

4:51 – UCF is forced to punt and USF will start the drive from their 24. Bulls lead 7-3.

5:29 – Flowers throws a 4-yard touchdown pass to Chris Barr one play after converting on fourth down and the Bulls lead 7-3.

6:50  – USF looks to be trying to pound the football against UCF. So far 5 rushes to 3 passes.

10:28 – USF tries a trick play and nearly have it picked off. 2nd and 10 for the Bulls

10:37 – Matt Wright hits a 28-yard field goal and the Knights lead 3-0.

14:45 – Holman hits Tre’Quan Smith for a long pass putting UCF at the USF 42.

14:54 – UCF returns the kickoff to the 28 and we are underway.