LIVE BLOG: UCF Knights vs Houston Cougars (Week 8)

Justin Holman and the UCF Knights (0-7) will look for their first win of the season when they take on the 21st-ranked Houston Cougars at Bright House Networks Stadium as part of their Homecoming game.

The Knights are coming off a 30-14 loss to Temple last week in which the offense only managed 134 yards of total offense, UCF will have to improve on those numbers if they want to upset Houston for their first win of the year.

Third Quarter:

4:10 – The Cougars extend their lead to 45-10 with another touchdowns, that’s 38 unanswered points for Houston.

6:14 – Houston gets the ball again after UCF is forced to punt, the Cougars are looking to add to their lead now. Ward Jr. is still in for Houston.

7:49 – Houston scores on a 29-yard touchdown run by Ryan Jackson to extend their lead to 38-10.

12:05 – UCF is called for a false start and face 3rd and 6 from the Houston 37.

14:04 – Holman hits Smith for a first down and UCF moves the chains to start the second half. Houston is then called for unsportsmanlike conduct and the Knights have the ball at their own 41-yard line.

14:10 – Houston extends their lead with a 30-yard rushing touchdown from Farrow. Cougars lead 31-10.

15:00 – Houston starts the second half with the ball, leading 24-10.

Second Quarter:

0:00 – Houston takes a 24-10 lead into halftime after a field goal just before time expired.

0:03 – Holman is intercepted again and Houston returns it to the 16 where they will attempt a field goal.

0:45 – UCF takes the kickoff to the 32-yard line and will have 45 seconds to score before the half.

0:50 – Ward Jr. runs it in for a touchdown after a long pass that put Houston inside the 5-yard line. Cougars lead 21-10.

1:37 – Holman is intercepted by William Jackson III and Houston gets the ball at their 33-yard line.

2:27 – Houston scores with a 26-yard touchdown run by Kenneth Farrow, Cougars lead 14-10.

2:33 – Ward Jr. rushes 16 yards into the end zone but Houston is called for holding.

3:02 – Ward Jr. pulls off a big run and gets some yardage added on after UCF is called for illegal use of the hands.

4:32 – Houston starts the drive from their own 22-yard line trailing UCF 10-7.

4:38 – Matt Wright hits a 47-yard field goal to put UCF up 10-7. That was Wright’s longest FG of the season.

5:19 – UCF calls a time out as they face a 3rd and 11 from the Houston 27-yard line.

7:10 – UCF gets a first down and the Knights are threatening from the Houston 36.

7:30 – Holman throws and interception but Houston is called for roughing the passer, while UCF is called for pass interference.

7:40 – Holman tries going deep to Smith but the pass falls incomplete. Knights face 3rd and 8.

8:41 – Holman rushes for a first down and UCF has the ball in Houston territory.

11:37 – Houston will be forced to punt after the Knights stop Ward Jr. on third down.

12:44 – Matt Wright misses a 46-yard field goal and the score remains tied at 7-7.

13:32 – Holman goes deep and Houston is called for pass interference, Knights have 1st and 10 from the Houston 30.

13:59 – The Knights wrap up Ward Jr. just before the first down marker and then Houston is called for holding. Penalty is declined and Houston will punt.

14:56 – UCF punts it away and Houston will start the drive from their 6-yard line.

First Quarter:

0:00 – UCF faces 3rd and 8 from their own 33 as the game goes into the second quarter tied 7-7.

1:20 – Holman does his best Ward Jr. impression and UCF gets a first down on the ground.

1:57 – UCF starts the drive form their 19-yard line, tied 7-7.

2:07 – Ward’s third down pass is incomplete and Houston will be forced to punt.

2:45 – UCF wraps up Ward in the back first and Houston faces 2nd and 14.

3:24 – Ward Jr. runs for a first down after being forced out of the pocket. UCF is also called for unnecessary roughness on the play.

4:40 – UCF stops a run up the middle and Houston faces 2nd and 13.

5:28 – Houston start their drive from the 15-yard line, but run for a first down on the opening play of the drive.

5:33 – Holman hits Payton for a 46-yard touchdown pass. Knights tied at 7-7 after the PAT.

6:12 – Wilson tries a run to the outside but is wrapped up behind the line of scrimmage.

8:08 – Dontravious Wilson runs for 23-yards and a first down, that’s UCF’s longest run of the season.

8:23 – UCF forces a Houston punt and the Knights will start the drive from their own 12-yard line. The ball is moved back to the 6-yard line after a holding penalty.

9:51 – Houston is called for holding and now face a 2nd and 17 after a 3-yard run.

12:25 – UCF punts the ball away and and Houston will start their drive from their own 27.

12:37 – Holman hits Tristan Payton but the freshman drops the sure first down.

13:46 – UCF fumbles the ball and Houston returns it 85 yards yards for a touchdown. Cougars lead 7-0.

14:50 – Holman completes his first pass to Tre’Quan Smith and then hits Smith again for a big play. UCF in Houston territory now.

15:00 – UCF will receive the opening kickoff and we are underway from Bright House.