What to see at EPCOT’s Flower & Garden Festival

Spring has arrived, and along with it comes the annual Flower & Garden Festival, hosted at EPCOT from March 4 to May 17th. Those that are familiar with the festival, or the very similar Food & Wine Festival hosted later in the year, will know what to expect. But for those who are taking their first journey around the world, here’s a brief guide on what to expect.

The Festival takes over the whole park, placing gorgeous topiaries of beloved Disney icons everywhere, as well as selling commemorative merchandise such as the ever-popular trading pins.

The dominant attraction is the wide variety of food and drinks located in the many countries around the World Showcase. Although there are not as many refreshment stands as in the Food & Wine Festival, there is still an excellent myriad of choices present. The festival focuses on freshness and farm-raised foods, so expect wholesome and delicious treats. Be warned, though not too expensive singularly, the price can grow quite high. Unchecked, you could find yourself spending much more than a hundred dollars on food alone.

Aside from the food, there are multiple attractions added for the Festival, such as magnificent concerts near America on the World Showcase. Make sure to visit the Butterfly Garden, a large tent filled with an environment of flowers and butterflies of all sorts. Here you can view their cocoons, and if you’re lucky enough, get to see one hatching. England also has a delightful tour of their tea gardens, showcasing how teas are made and what goes into each box.

Whether you’re brought there by the refreshments, the decorations, the memorabilia, or just because you happened to be going there, the Flower & Garden Festival simply isn’t to be missed.