Defense rests; Casey won’t testify

By Bryan Levine
[email protected]

The defense rested its case Thursday as Casey Anthony elected not to testify in the murder trial against her. When asked by Judge Belvin Perry if she wanted to testify, Anthony simply replied “No sir.”

The prosecution began a rebuttal the same day, recalling George Anthony’s alleged mistress, Krystal Holloway (River Cruz) to the stand. Her testimony directly contradicted Anthony’s denial of an intimate relationship with the woman.

Holloway assisted the Anthony family during their search for Caylee, Casey’s daughter, the victim in this case. She claims she and George did in fact have an intimate affair, and he also shared secrets with her.

“It was an accident that snowballed out of control,” Holloway claims George Anthony told her.

Introduced into evidence by the state was George Anthony’s note from January of 2009 on the night he contemplated committing suicide. He expressed how he felt for his wife, writing “I love you Cynthia Marie, I really do.”

Casey was the only member of the Anthony family who did not testify today. Along with her father, her mother, Cindy, and brother, Lee, both testified. They were all asked similar questions about how the family went about disposing of their deceased pets.

The three stories were mostly consistent. They explained how they wrapped the animals in a plastic bag, taped the bag closed and then buried it in the back yard. The only inconsistency was when Cindy claimed to not use any duct tape during these events, but Lee said otherwise, for at least one occurrence.

In a critical ruling during the state’s rebuttal, Perry ruled that the jury will not be allowed to smell a can that contains a carpet sample from Casey’s Pontiac Sunfire. Perry stated doing so would be in direct violation of Casey’s sixth amendment rights.

Once trial related issues were ceased for the day, a contempt of court hearing began. Matthew Bartlett, 28, was caught on camera showing and obscene hand gesture to Ashton.

“Your actions could have jeopardized all the work these attorneys have done in this case,” said Perry as he sentenced the T.G.I. Friday’s waiter to serve six days in jail and pay $400 in fines.

The state expects to be done with rebuttal by Friday morning, and Perry told the jury they should expect to begin deliberation Sunday or Monday.