Casey Anthony to be Released From Jail July 13.

By Bryan Levine
[email protected]

By the time the court was recessed Thursday, it was unsure how long Casey Anthony would remain in jail. Following a closed door meeting between Judge Belvin Perry and Anthony’s attorneys, Cheney Mason and Jose Baez, it was determined she will be released on July 13.

Two days after a jury stunned the world and acquitted Anthony of all charges relating to the death of her two-year old daughter, Anthony was sentenced to one year and fined $1,000 for each of the four counts of lying to law enforcement officials, that she was found guilty of.

Anthony was sentenced to serve her four years consecutively. Though her attorneys argued the four charges should be served concurrently, Judge Belvin Perry said each count of lying was different and deliberate.

“As a result of those four separate and distinct lies,” stated Perry. “Law enforcement expended a great deal of time, energy, and man power looking for young Caylee Marie Anthony.”

Each of the four counts Anthony was convicted on was for different and specific lies. These lies took place during an interview on July 16, 2008 with lead detective, Yuri Melich.

“All four statements were one criminal act,” argued the defense team’s mitigator Lisabeth Fryer

While assistant state attorney, Linda Drane Burdick stated there were much more than just four lies Anthony told, the four lies she was convicted of were: She worked at Universal Studios during July of 2008; according to records she had not worked there for over a year. She also told Melich that Caylee was last seen when she was dropped off at babysitter “Zanny the Nanny’s” house. Anthony has since admitted that was a lie. Count six, the third count she was convicted on, was for a lie she told relating to Universal employees Jeffery Michael Hopkins and Juliette Lewis. Anthony claimed the two co-workers to be out cry witnesses at the time of Caylee’s death. Records show they hadn’t worked at Universal even longer than Anthony. The final count was for telling Melich she had spoken to Caylee on the phone July 15, 2008. Anthony has since claimed Caylee died June 16 of the same year.

Anthony has 30 days to appeal the decision by Perry, and will most likely do so. Not necessarily wanting to appeal the remainder of her sentence, Anthony can try to get her fine of $4,000 lowered to $1,000.

Normally, Anthony wears her hair in a bun and a button up shirt, but today she had her hair down and wore a sweater while looking very relieved and casual.

Not in court today was assistant state attorney, Jeff Ashton, who announced his retirement following the verdict by the jury. Ashton has since been making TV appearances in New York.

Both George and Cindy Anthony were in attendance for their daughter’s sentencing, but left immediately after the ruling.