Casey Anthony’s Sentence Recalculated

By Bryan Levine
[email protected]

After a recalculation, it has been decided that Casey Anthony won’t be released from jail until July 17.

“After receiving the signed order this afternoon on the sentencing of Casey Marie Anthony, Orange County Corrections conducted a detailed recalculation of the projected release date. The projected release date is now Sunday, July 17, 2011.” said Allen Moore, who works for the Orange County Corrections Department.

Originally Anthony had been set to be released on July 13, but will now have to spend an extra four days locked up.

The security of Anthony is a huge issue with the court and the corrections department.

“Due to the high profile nature of this case and intense, emotional interest by the public, appropriate measures will be taken to release the individual into the community in such a manner so as to preserve the safety of the individual and the public,” said Moore.

Anthony will also have to pay a fine as a result of her misdemeanor charges of lying to law enforcement officials. She has to pay $1,000 for each of the four counts she was convicted on plus $618 in fees.