Day 14: Photos prove too much for Casey to handle

By Bryan Levine

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Casey Anthony has seemed unfazed by testimony and evidence thus far, but photos of her daughter’s skull proved too much for her to handle as the trial hit the fourteen day mark.

Anthony became visibly shaken as images of Caylee’s remains, taken on December 11, 2008, were shown to the court. She sat with her head down and her hand over her mouth, appearing to dry-heave while listening to testimony.

Though Anthony did her best not to witness the graphic images of her daughter’s remains, occasional glimpses of the screens caused her to become nauseous, leading Judge Belvin Perry to adjourn early.

“For those of you who may have queasiness or uneasiness about these kind of photographs where you may have facial reactions or can not control your emotions, I ask you to leave;” said Perry after a lunch recess, and prior to allowing the photos into evidence.

The pictures will not be released to the public without censoring. Perry demanded that any photos that contained the skull must be blurred out before they can be viewed outside of the courtroom.

Jennifer Welch, Stephen Hanson, and Gary Utz were the crime scene investigators who took the pictures, and they testified as the pictures were being shown. All three work in the Orange County Sheriffs Office’s CSI unit and documented the wooded area around where Caylee’s remains were located.

Surrounded by a black garbage bag, a red Disney bag, and an off-white laundry bag, the skull appeared to be buried up to the bottom of the orbital lobes and still had some hair and multiple pieces of duct tape connected to it.

“I don’t believe it was embedded in dirt per-say,” said Hanson. “I believe it was embedded in vegetation.”

The State claims Caylee’s cause of death was suffocation due to the duct tape covering her mouth and nose.

The remains were found by meter reader, Roy Kronk. Kronk says he walked into the woods to use the bathroom when he stumbled upon the tiny skull, kicking it in the process.

This wasn’t the first time Kronk called 911 in regards to the abduction of Caylee. At one point Kronk was a person of interest to the Orange County Sherriff’s Office.

Lee Anthony, Casey’s brother, was recalled to take the stand early in the morning.

“She told me she met Zanny, who was her nanny, as well as her sister and children at Jay Blanchard Park,” said Lee Anthony. “During that meeting Casey said Zanny held her down and told her she was taking Caylee from her.”

According to Lee Anthony, Casey explained that Zanny told her she “isn’t a good mother and she was taking Caylee to teach Casey a lesson.” This story contradicts both Casey Anthony’s original story and her current defense.

Lee also testified that Casey Anthony told him Zanny would leave her private messages on Myspace instructing her where to go, saying that Zanny used the password “timer55” to obtain access in Casey’s account. 55 is the number of days between the day Caylee went missing (June 16) and her birthday (August 9) which led Casey to believe her daughter would be returned on her birthday.

Casey Anthony is being checked by the medical staff at the county jail, and it is uncertain whether or not she will be attending tomorrow’s trial.  If Anthony is unfit to be in the courtroom, the testimony could be delayed further. Another option could be to allow the trial to continue without her present, an arrangement which would have to be approved by both the prosecution and the defense.