Jailhouse videos reveal Casey’s lies

By Mary Stevens
[email protected]

Jailhouse videos dominated the first half of court proceedings in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony is shown in the videos passing along false information to her parents and other visitors. In one video, she told her parents, “There was a lady that came forward on the news. Her and her son were at the airport. They said that they saw Caylee and spoke to Caylee.”

In the first visitation video from July 30, 2008, Casey tells her parents she feels helpless and just wants to go home, saying, “I am being as strong as I can considering the situation.”

Four days later, six days before what was supposed to be Caylee’s third birthday, George Anthony visited his daughter alone. The two exchanged tender support, with Casey telling her father he was “the best dad and grandparent,” after George greeted his daughter by saying, “Hey good morning beautiful.”

Casey cried openly in the courtroom as the video was played

As her time behind bars lengthened, Casey became increasingly more unhappy. The video from August 14 showed Casey telling her parents she was “truly angry and very frustrated.”

“I’m as much of a victim as the rest of you,” she said to her parents. “It hasn’t been portrayed that way, and it probably won’t be.”