The State of Florida v. Casey Anthony: Day 9

By Nikki Namdar
Special to Valencia Voice

“It was the smell of human decomposition,” said lead crime scene investigator in the case against Casey Anthony, Geraldo Bloise, referring the now infamous stench emanating from the trunk of Anthony’s car.

The jury learned the Orange County Sheriff’s office investigation of the car revealed 12 pieces of hair in the trunk, a stain on the spare tire cover, and the odor.

Bloise, who has been with Orange County’s second level of CSI for 11 years, described everything he found in Casey’s vehicle, explaining exactly how he tested it. He testified that he investigated the car a dozen times.

Prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick asked Bloise if there were any signs that a dead animal was stuck on the frame of the car.

“There were no types of animals underneath the vehicle,” he replied, also saying he was sure what he smelled was the decay of a person.

These articles found in the vehicle were collected on July 17, 2008, two days after Casey was indicted.

Over 100 items of evidence have been presented by the prosecution thus far in this case. The state plans to end their presentation end on June 17, allowing the defense to begin presenting their case.